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Prairie Morning Siberian Cats


Breeder/Seller (Prairie Morning Siberian Cats) and Purchaser agree to the following:


All sales are pet-price only (non-breeding rights)


Breeder/Seller agrees to deworm a minimum of 3 times and vaccinate the animals before transfer of ownership.


Breeder/Seller agrees to provide the vaccination label showing serial number and expiration date (to be included with the health record).


Breeder/Seller agrees to provide the registration paperwork (if applicable). Reservation payments are non-refundable.


Purchaser agrees to take the pet to a licensed vet within 2 weeks of ownership for follow up vaccines, and agrees to maintain their vet-recommended vaccination schedule for the life of the pet. This includes vaccinations, deworming, anti-parasitics, physical examinations, preventative maintenance and all other schedules as recommended by a licensed vet.


Purchaser agrees to provide a caring and safe environment for the animal throughout its life, free from neglect and abuse. Purchaser agrees to feed the cat high quality food only.

The Purchaser will never declaw the cat/kitten.


Purchaser agrees to share at least one current picture of the animal during the first year of ownership.


Breeder/Seller reserves the right to use any received photos for website or advertising/promotional purposes.


Breeder/Seller’s health guarantee covers the death of the animal due to genetic defects for one year. A replacement will be given on next availability ensuring other previously existing reservation agreements are not breached.


Health guarantee is considered void if the purchaser does not fulfill their side of the agreement as outlined in this document.


Purchaser agrees to not resell/rehome the pet without explicit agreement with the seller. If the purchaser is unable to care for the animal the purchaser must contact the Breeder/Seller for

options including but not limited to the Breeder/Seller taking over ownership of the animal. No refunds will be given.

Purchaser agrees to spay/neuter the animal within 3 months (90 days) of date of transfer of ownership.


The Purchaser agrees to pay the entire balance of payment due before the animal leaves the Breeder/Seller, whether departure by pick-up or departure by shipping/transport (air or land).


The Purchaser understands that the Breeder/Seller can make no guarantee on future coat color, markings, individual animal allergen levels, personality changes, behaviors, weight, size, or other physical attributes.

The BREEDER reserves the right to repossess the cat/kitten in the event of failure or refusal of BUYER to comply with the terms or conditions of this agreement. If cat/kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated, BUYER will surrender cat/kitten to BREEDER, unconditionally.

Regarding deposits on unborn litters, the Purchaser understands that the Breeder/Seller can make no guarantee on future litter sizes or physical characteristics such as coat colors contained therein. The purchaser will have the option of moving their reservation to a future litter if desired. If litter size is not large enough to fulfill all paid reservations then the unfulfilled reservation will not be lost; it will be transferred to the next litter.


By signing this document, the contract, the Breeder/Seller and the Purchaser, consider it to be legally binding under all circumstances and in all courts of law. This sales agreement is non-transferable to other parties. This agreement is not to be superseded by any other agreements, be they written or verbal, unless accompanied with signed documentation outlining the new agreement or amendment.


NAME, PURCHASER:______________________________________________ 


SIGNED, PURCHASER:____________________________________________ 




NAME, BREEDER:_________________________________________________ 


SIGNED, BREEDER:_____________________________________________ 



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