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Sasha's Grandfather


Sasha's Grandmother

Atticus's Father



Sasha's Father

The Siberian Forest Cat is a natural breed from Siberia and is considered the national cat of Russia. They are fairly large cats that can weigh 10 to 20 pounds in adulthood. You may have heard that Siberian cats are loving, companionable, playful and downright fun to be around. Guess what? It’s all true.  Since it takes Siberians a good 5 years to fully mature as adults, they maintain a delightful kitten-like behavior and stay playful all their lives. 


We love cats! We are definitely cat people and several of the people we have homed our kittens with have stated that is obvious. We have even been accused of being Cat Whisperers. ;-). But that may be pushing it a bit, all according to your definition. 


Our Siberians have been raised in a loving home as part of our family.  We delight in the unique personality of each of our cats and kittens along with the wonderful general characteristics of the breed. Descriptions of the Siberian that you will hear most often include calm, fearless, personable and sensitive to their owner’s psychological needs. If we are feeling a bit down we often have one of our Siberians cuddling up to us to make us feel better. They communicate in quiet ways, responding to your voice with sweet mews and melodic chirping and lots of purring. They like to be where their owners are and often follow them around the house. 


All of our cats have 5+ generations of Siberian pedigree. Included in their bloodline are Russian International Champions on both sides. 

Kittens will be sold under contract with:

  • All vaccinations up to date

  • CFA Registration Papers

  • The litter registered with TICA

  • Copies of Parents' Pedigrees

  Three highly reputable catteries we are in association with and can recommend:

  • Sharyland Pets in Texas ( sharylandpets.comKITTENS PRESENTLY FOR SALE!

  • Archibald Siberian Cats and Kittens in Iowa (

  • LeGrand Cats, Missouri ( KITTENS PRESENTLY FOR SALE!

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