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Getting The Kittens to You

We will drive to purchasers living in surrounding states or meet them halfway. The cost for delivery by car is $.72/mile round trip. We would consider flying to you with the kitten, at your expense. Flight expenses would depend on airline costs at that time, the fee to carry on a pet (around $125), and cost of our vet health certificate. One other option is unaccompanied pet transport via American Airlines. They have proven themselves very reliable in shipping animals. We would drive from Sioux Falls to Omaha for shipping with American Airlines. This option would cost roughly $500 plus car mileage. Hiring a pet courier service is also a choice the Purchaser may consider.

Payment Options


Payments accepted through, Cash App (@AugieDCH) and Zelle. Other forms of payment can be discussed.  We are a small family based cattery with only a few litters per year.

Prairie Siberian Cats is located in Southeastern South Dakota

Prairie Siberian Cats
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