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all kittens reserved.
we will have a new litter the End of July

New price structure: All kittens $2,000 for our TICA/CFA registered purebred Siberian kittens regardless of markings or color. The reservation fee is $500 and will be credited toward the total purchase price. 

Bella Playing Fetch

About allergies:  HYPOALLERGENIC does NOT mean allergen free.  Most people who exhibit allergies to other cats, have little or no reaction to the Siberian. For example, our son who is highly allergic to cats, has no problem with Siberian Cats and in fact is a breeder with a house full of kittens most of the time! Siberians are loyal, and friendly and make great companions. Their personalities are often referred to as dog-like and do in fact exhibit protective qualities. Siberians are not an extremely vocal breed, they express themselves with a soft chirping. The breed began it’s journey to America eleven short years ago. Since then Siberians have purred their way into the hearts of North American cat lovers in record time. These cat comrades are known for their size, luxurious fur. and almost dog-like devotion. They have achieved recognition in seven of the ten North American cat associations since their arrival in 1990. This alone is an amazing feat and an indication of the Siberian’s appeal.


Prairie Siberian Cattery is dedicated to raising quality Siberian kittens with loving personalities. It is our goal to breed Siberian cats for temperament as well as beauty and health. Our Siberian kittens are raised in a loving environment with constant human contact. The American Veterinary Medical Association reports the key socialization period occurs between 3 to 9 weeks of age. That’s exactly when your kitten is handled, groomed, and introduced to normal household sounds including the vacuum! You’ll be set for a lifetime of kitten cuddles, kitten entertainment and wonderful memories with your new pet!

What our customers say


Myrna M

Minneapolis, MN


Jon W

Sioux Falls, SD


Sue C

Dallas, TX

I wanted to write a note about how blessed our family is to have our precious Siberian kittens. These sweet kittens have enriched our lives. They are playful, curious, friendly, and loving, and they are perfect companions. They have unique personalities and are actually sensitive to our needs.

Prairie Siberian Cats were amazing to work with. We had a great experience, and feel they did a wonderful job getting the kittens off to a good start. They gave us tips, sent photos, and answered every question. We felt comfortable throughout the process. The kittens were trained, and adjusted beautifully to their new home.

We would definitely recommend Prairie Siberian Cats to anybody that wants a good Siberian kitten. Beautiful kittens and very nice people

Can’t recommend this enough. We got our kitty Moseson in November from D&M. Moseson is the best cat ever. Gets along great with everyone. Even with our dog Remi so chilled and well behaved even for a kitten.

Tres Mamas

I highly recommend Prairie Siberians. The owners were very accommodating during the whole process--from my first inquiry, through the day I brought my two kittens home. I received photos and brief videos of the kittens all along the way, and David & Margaret provided me with their observations as to temperament of the kittens--as well as which ones seemed more closely bonded. When I made my visit to finally choose two kittens, and when I returned a month later to bring the kitties home, the breeders provided transportation to and from the airport--even feeding me a great lunch on both visits! The transaction went smoothly and David & Maggie maintain an interest in how my kitties--Ziggy & ZuZu--continue to progress. I couldn't be happier!

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